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          HRS Telehealth Insights

          As many patients and providers have seen throughout the COVID pandemic, virtual visits are fundamental to a successful...

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          Tags: telehealth, Patient Engagement, patient satisfaction,

          In researching this blog, I sat down with Jenni Gudapati RN, MBA, Value-Based Healthcare Program Director at Boise State...

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          Tags: disease management, cost savings, skilled nursing

          Staffing a Telehealth Program

          Most of the staffing resources when designing a telehealth or remote patient monitoring program...

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          Tags: telehealth, remote patient monitoring, clinician engagement,

          So, you and your organization have identified that you need to provide telehealth services to your patient census. Whether you...

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          Tags: Best Practices, telehealth model, cost savings

          Inventory management is essential to the success of any telehealth program. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay...

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          Tags: telehealth, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring,

          Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), a technology company that provides remote patient monitoring for leading health systems,...

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          Tags: disease management, telehealth, telemedicine,

          The essential mission of logistics and supply chain management is to efficiently plan, organize, and coordinate the movement...

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          Tags: cost savings, logistics, patient direct,

          The new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), announced in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, will take effect on or after...

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          Tags: video conferencing, physical therapy, insurance,

          Here is a situation that many of our telehealth partners face daily: a Medicare age patient is being discharged from...

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          Tags: insurance, cost savings

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